Control Tracks in SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch is designed with DJs in mind, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface reminiscent of audio editing software. One of the key elements that makes SoundSwitch stand out is its Control Tracks. Control Tracks come in three distinct types: Master Tracks, Fixture Tracks, and Group Tracks. These tracks empower you to create stunning lighting displays seamlessly. Let's break them down:

Master Track:

The Master Track serves as your gateway to effortlessly crafting basic lighting shows. This versatile track allows you to control all the fixtures within a Venue Tab from a single Control Track. Here's how it works:

- Create a Lighting Show: Say you want to create a smooth transition from blue to purple in the Master Track. This transition is executed consistently across all your fixtures, whether you're using LED Par Cans, Moving Heads, or LED Panels. The Master Track ensures uniformity in your lighting effects.

- Venue-Independent: What's even more impressive is that the Master Track information is standardized across all your venues. If you've scripted a lighting show in the Master Track for a specific audio track, that same scripted lighting show will play when you perform at a new venue using the same audio track. This means you don't need to fret about unfamiliar lighting rigs when you take on a new gig.

- Seamless Venue Setup: When you create a new venue, all the Master Track lighting shows you've previously crafted are automatically applied. This time-saving feature ensures you don't start from scratch every time, even when you have to perform at a new venue with little notice.

Creative Tip: Over time, build a library of scripted songs. Creating Master Tracks for your songs ensures you always have custom lighting at your disposal, making it easier to adapt to different performance spaces.

Fixture Tracks:

Fixture Tracks give you precise control over individual lighting fixtures, enabling you to override the Master Track. This is beneficial when you need to manage fixtures independently. For example, you might want specific Par Cans to display a different color or require a particular moving head to rotate differently than the rest. Fixture Tracks make this level of customization achievable.

Group Tracks:

Group Tracks help you organize individual fixtures into groups without the necessity of assigning them the same DMX address. By grouping fixtures, you can control all fixtures within the group from a single Control Track. This saves you time and effort. Much like the Master Track controls all tracks in the workspace, Group Tracks allow you to work within the Group Track workspace, with all your scripting impacting all the lighting fixtures within the group.

- Creating Fixture Groups: To initiate a Fixture Group, select 'Insert Fixture Group' from the Insert menu. This menu will appear when you place your mouse at the top of the SoundSwitch page. Upon creation, you'll see a new Group Track in the workspace.

- Adding Fixtures: To include fixtures in the group, simply drag and drop fixtures from the Fixture Library onto the Group Track. Once added, you'll notice they're assigned the same menu color as the group track, making identification easy.

- Mute and Solo Fixtures: Group Tracks also offer the flexibility to mute or solo fixtures using the M and S buttons in the Fixture Track, allowing you to focus on specific fixtures as needed.

Creative Tip: Enhance your workflow by collapsing or expanding the Fixture Group, providing a cleaner and more organized workspace.

By understanding and effectively utilizing these Control Tracks, you'll unlock the full potential of SoundSwitch, creating unforgettable lighting displays that elevate your performances to new heights.