Unlocking the Power of the SoundSwitch Effects Generator

With the introduction of SoundSwitch version 1.1, you can now take your lighting shows to a whole new level by leveraging the SoundSwitch Effects Generator. This feature empowers you to easily enhance your audio files and Autoloops with captivating lighting effects, adding an extra dimension to your performances.

Here's how to make the most of the Effects Generator:

1. Drag-and-Drop Effects: The Effects Generator allows you to effortlessly drag and drop preset effects from the library menu onto your Control Tracks. These effects are specially designed to sync with your audio files and Autoloops, creating a dynamic and visually engaging lighting experience.

2. Applying Effects: To apply these effects, start by making a selection in the BeatGrid of an Autoloop or audio file. Choose the effect you want to use and then drag and drop it from the Library Menu onto your selection. This simple process ensures that your lighting is perfectly synchronized with the music.

3. Effect Customization: Some effects offer options for you to fine-tune the timing and intensity. For instance, when adding a Forward Chase Effect, you can specify the chase's duration on each fixture and set the pulse intensity, ranging from 1/32nd to 1 Bar.

Here are some of the fantastic effects at your disposal:

- Intensity Effects:

  - Fade In

  - Fade Out

  - Random Intensity

- Color Effects:

  - Random Color

- Chase Effects:

  - Forward Chase

  - Reverse Chase

  - Random Chase 1

  - Random Chase 2

  - Bounce Chase

- Color Palettes:

  - 22 Different Preset Color Palettes

- Position Effects:

  - Random Position

  - Change and Hold

  - Position Chase

- Strobe Effects:

  - Periodic Strobe

  - Strobe Chase

  - Random Strobe

  - Strobe Generator

- Drops Effects: 

  - Colored Drop Effects

- Build Ups Effects:

  - Colored Build Ups Effects

- Breakdowns Effects:

  - Colored Breakdown Effects

- Movement Effects:

  - Circle

  - Scan Horizontal & Vertical

  - Oval Horizontal & Vertical

  - Figure 8 Horizontal & Vertical

  - Square

  - Triple 8 Horizontal & Vertical

In addition, SoundSwitch is committed to continuously enhancing your experience by adding more effects in future updates. Feel free to share your FX requests at support@soundswitch.com, and stay tuned for even more incredible lighting effects!