Exploring Movement Shape Effects in SoundSwitch

SoundSwitch's Movement Shape Effects feature makes it easy to enhance your lighting show by applying preset shape effects to the Master Track. These effects can add dynamic movement to your lights, transforming your light show into a captivating visual experience. Here's what you need to know:

 Preset Shapes Include: 

  • - Circle
  • - Horizontal Scan
  • - Vertical Scan
  • - Horizontal Oval
  • - Vertical Oval
  • - Horizontal Figure 8
  • - Vertical Figure 8
  • - Horizontal Triple 8
  • - Vertical Triple 8
  • - Square

 Customize Time and Speed: 

You have the flexibility to adjust time and speed settings at the start and end of the selection. This means you can create effects that gradually increase or decrease in size and speed over time, adding depth and creativity to your light show.

 Integration with Position Cues: 

These movement effects work seamlessly with Position Cues. You can direct lights from one position to another while they move in a specific shape pattern. For example, you can make all lights in the Venue Tab move from position A to position B while following a circular path..

To see these features in action and learn more, check out our video tutorial for detailed information on how to create captivating Movement Shape Effects using SoundSwitch.