How to Find Generic Fixtures in the Fixture Library

When searching for Generic Fixtures in the SoundSwitch Fixture Library, follow these steps to locate the most accurate and reliable information:

1. Use Fixture Descriptions from Fixture Manuals:

   - SoundSwitch strives to label fixture profiles in the Fixture Library as accurately as possible based on the descriptions provided on the cover page of the fixture manual.

2. Avoid Third-Party Seller Descriptions:

   - Fixture labels in the library may not correspond to descriptions from third-party sellers like Amazon, as these can be incorrect or frequently changing. Instead, rely on the information found on the cover page of the provided fixture manual.

3. Check DMX Chart for Generic Fixtures:

   - If the generic fixture manual lacks information, refer to the DMX Chart for specific DMX details when trying to locate your fixture in the library.

4. Utilize SoundSwitch Fixture Manager:

   - Use the SoundSwitch Fixture Manager tool to search for the "Generic" manufacturer. You can further narrow down your search by inputting the fixture's mode or channel count to quickly find fixtures matching your criteria.

   - Example search: Start with "Generic" or "All Manufacturers" and input the channel count like this: "(Chn = 13)." This helps narrow down fixtures with a similar channel count.

5. Check Individual Fixture Profiles:

   - Once you've narrowed down potential fixtures, check the individual fixture profiles in the SoundSwitch Fixture Manager. Compare the DMX information provided in the manager with the details in your fixture manual.

6. Contact Support if Needed:

   - If you're still having trouble locating a profile that matches your fixture or if you need a new profile created, reach out to SoundSwitch support at Our team is here to assist you with any profile-related inquiries.

Following these steps ensures a smoother process for finding and using fixture profiles in the SoundSwitch Fixture Library. If you encounter difficulties, don't hesitate to contact our support team for personalized assistance.