Enhance Your Lighting with Loop Auto Strobe in SoundSwitch

In SoundSwitch version 1.7, the Performance Mode was introduced, bringing a new feature called "Loop Auto Strobe" to elevate your lighting experience. Here's what you need to know about it:

 What is Loop Auto Strobe? 

- Loop Auto Strobe is a feature that adds dynamic strobe effects to your lights when you launch a Loop or Loop Roll effect on your DJ hardware that's shorter than 1/2 a beat.

 Real-Time Synchronization: 

- As the length of the loop decreases, the Strobe Rate increases, ensuring that your lighting effects sync seamlessly with your performance in real-time. This means that as your music intensifies or speeds up, your lighting effects follow suit, creating an electrifying experience for your audience.

 Enabling Loop Auto Strobe: 

- To enable or disable Loop Auto Strobe, you can access this feature in the Performance Mode tab within the preferences of SoundSwitch..

With Loop Auto Strobe, you can effortlessly add an extra layer of excitement to your DJ sets by keeping your lights in perfect harmony with your music. To see this feature in action and learn more about how to use it effectively, check out the video tutorial provided.