Adding Strobe Effects to Your Lighting Show

Strobe effects can add excitement and emphasis to your lighting display, making them perfect for highlighting key moments in your music. To create a strobe effect in SoundSwitch, follow these simple steps:

1. Make a Selection:

   - Choose the area in your lighting track where you want the strobe effect to occur.

   - You can do this in either the Control Track or the dedicated Strobe Track.

2. Define Strobe Duration:

   - Once you've selected the desired duration for the strobe effect, it's time to implement it.

3. Enable the Strobe Effect:

   - Click the Strobe button in the toolbar or right-click in the track and select "Strobe."

   - This action will open the Strobe interface.

4. Adjust Strobe Rate:

   - Within the Strobe interface, you can use sliders to set the Strobe rate at the start and end of your selected duration.

   - Fine-tune the strobe's speed to suit your preferences.

5. Apply the Strobe Effect:

   - Once you're satisfied with the settings, apply the effect.

   - A Strobe block will appear in the Strobe Track, representing your strobe effect.

6. Fine-Tune as Needed:

   - You can further adjust the strobe's position and duration by moving the Strobe block.

   - Experiment until it aligns perfectly with your music's dynamics.

Creative Tip: Use the Strobe effect sparingly, as excessive strobing can be overwhelming. It's best to reserve it for impactful moments in your show.