Supported Serato Hardware Controllers

SoundSwitch seamlessly connects with a wide range of authorized Serato DJ-compatible controllers and mixers. These controllers and mixers allow you to enhance your DJ performance with synchronized lighting effects. Below, you can find more information about the compatible hardware for SoundSwitch:


For a detailed list of Serato DJ compatible controllers, refer to the following link:

Mixers (excluding interfaces):

SoundSwitch is also compatible with certain mixers (excluding interfaces) that support Serato DJ. To explore the list of compatible mixers, visit:

It's important to note that SoundSwitch utilizes upfader and crossfader position information to mix and blend the lighting seamlessly with your music. Due to this requirement, the following interfaces are not supported by SoundSwitch:

- Denon DJ DS1

- Rane SL2

- Rane SL3

- Rane SL4

By using any of the supported controllers or mixers listed in the links provided, you can fully leverage the power of SoundSwitch to enhance your DJ performances with synchronized lighting effects..