SoundSwitch integration with Engine Hardware

SoundSwitch offers two integrations with Engine-supported hardware, providing flexibility for different setups:

1. Engine Lighting Integration:

   - SoundSwitch can operate directly on your Engine DJ hardware. This integration allows you to export your SoundSwitch projects, which can then be used on your Engine-supported hardware.

   - You don't need a laptop running SoundSwitch for this integration.

   - It simplifies your setup and gives you more mobility by eliminating the need for a computer.

   - For more information on Engine Lighting, check out the provided video.

2. StagelinQ Connection:

   - To use this option, you need to connect your supported Engine hardware via Ethernet to a computer running SoundSwitch.

   - This integration works similarly to the Serato and Virtual DJ integrations. The Engine hardware sends playback and fader information to the SoundSwitch software through the StagelinQ connection.

   - It provides a way to work with Engine hardware while still leveraging the capabilities of SoundSwitch.

   - For more details on StagelinQ connections, refer to the video tutorial.

Setting up and Syncing SC5000(m), SC6000(m) & X1850 with SoundSwitch

Setting up and Syncing Prime 4, Prime 2 and Prime Go with SoundSwitch

It's essential to understand these supported hardware integrations and the different hardware configurations required for each option. If you have any questions or need further assistance with Engine support, you can contact SoundSwitch support at These integrations provide more choices for DJs and lighting professionals when using Engine hardware in their setups.