Setting the DMX Address for Your Fixture in SoundSwitch

Configuring the DMX address on your lighting fixture is an essential step to ensure it communicates effectively with SoundSwitch. Here's how to get it done:

1. Consult the User Manual:

- Start with the user manual that accompanies your lighting fixture. Fixture interfaces vary depending on the type of lighting fixture you're using, and the manual provides specific instructions for setting the DMX address.

2. Online Resources:

- If the user manual is not readily available, the manufacturer's website or a quick online search can be valuable resources to access the information you need.

- Online communities and forums often share helpful content, allowing you to build your knowledge about configuring fixture addresses.

Matching the Fixture Address in SoundSwitch:

After you've successfully configured the DMX address on your lighting fixture, you need to synchronize it with SoundSwitch. Follow these steps:

1. Add the Fixture to SoundSwitch:

- Locate your lighting fixture in SoundSwitch's Fixture Library and drag it into the workspace. This action generates a new Fixture Track.

2. Configure the DMX Address:

- A Fixture Menu appears on the right-hand side of the screen. Double-click this menu to access an interface for entering the DMX address.

- Input the same DMX address that you set on the back of the fixture and confirm by clicking 'Ok.'

Now that your lighting fixture's DMX address is aligned with SoundSwitch, it's time to explore your creative lighting possibilities.